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idit dobb-weinstein: "teaching is action and thinking at once. What I try to guard against most when I teach is not speaking as if my answer were conclusive, so as to avoid (to the extent possible) any kind of dogmatic appropriation. It is understandable why students might wish to imitate their teachers, but there are different modes of imitation. I try very hard to avoid the mimetic appropriation that is immediate, passive, and occludes thinking. One other reason is that if I made clear what my views were, and my views appeared as if they were final, it would preclude the possibility of first, students challenging me and second, learning from my students. The relation between the student and teacher is, to me, a dynamic relationship . . . Teaching and learning is a movement that occurs between. In other words, we are at once both agent and patient, both teacher and learner. If we are not very careful, we can do a great deal of harm. And that, too, I have learned from my teachers, Maimonides especially.

I believe my task is to provoke students to think and to engage them in genuine dialogue and questioning. To paraphrase a rabbinic saying, 'I have learned from my teachers, and I have learned from my peers, but I have learned most from my students.' And that is a continuous process of learning."

Thursday, 6 May 2010

scott clapson thanks us for coming out to the ASO and discusses the copy machine theory.
i just realized i feel sorry that i have all this embarrassing footage that is up on youtube.
maybe he will come to me personally, and we can agree to delete it in exchange for a reinstatement of our senator, a public apology, and compensation to all witnesses who are surely suffering psychological trauma after realizing how petty vindictive and unintelligent their student government is and how weak and cowering the school administration is to allow the bully crowd to conduct this ritual of hatred on school grounds.

ASO: stop the hate!

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